Web Site Design

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What are some very basic principles of Web design?

Web Site Design

Many of the principles of good design are the same whether you're designing a billboard, a cocktail napkin or a Web page. Yet Web sites also follow some different rules. This list may be helpful as a refresher for experienced Web designers and a starting point for beginners doing their first freelance jobs:

  • Web pages look different depending on what browser, computer and monitor you're using to view them. Good Web designers do not try to force their pages to look the same in all configurations, but seek to make their pages look attractive and readable to all users.
  • Web pages take longer to load when they have more text, images, or other media on them. Good Web designers think carefully about what a given element is going to achieve before adding its weight to the page.
  • Pretty much everyone knows how to read a book or a billboard. The Web is different. Users do more work to decide what they want to see. Your job as a designer is to make it easy for them to choose your site and get what they want there.
  • Web users in general don't like things that just look cool. They're there seeking a specific experience or piece of information. Unless your cool trick also gives them what they want, they'll hate it.



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