Annual Reports

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What are the design challenges in an annual report?

Annual Reports

Annual reports are among the more challenging graphic design jobs. The designer must choose layouts and type styles that convey important information clearly while also representing a corporation's unique themes and image.

When you work on an annual report, you will most likely be working closely with the corporation's top executives and marketing team. They'll be more comfortable if you present yourself professionally.

Annual report expert Sid Cato says a good report meets these design standards:

  • A compelling cover that demands to be opened and read.
  • A photograph of the CEO with his or her letter.
  • Avoidance of megalomania in the use of CEO photos -- two or three in a report is fine, 10 is too many.
  • Use of high-quality paper stock.
  • Photographs showing the corporation's product being used -- not a can of soda, but someone drinking it.
  • Readable type sizes, including footnotes.



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