Catalog Design

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How can I design an effective catalog?

Catalog Design

Catalog design is one of the larger types of graphic design jobs, and often several designers will work on a single catalog, with an art director setting standards. Smaller companies may rely on a single designer. Be aware that freelance projects of this sort are time-intensive, and budget accordingly.

Basic rules of catalog design include:

  • The upper right corner of each spread should have a bestselling product in it.
  • Typography should be readable and consistent.
  • Pay attention to the order form -- a badly designed one can turn off customers or prevent the client from getting needed customer information.
  • Keep your pages consistent with the company's image and product line, yet varied enough to interest the reader.
  • Know the standard catalog formats and sizes, and pay attention to postal rates for different weights and sizes of material.
  • When in doubt, feature each product separately rather than photographing them in a group.
  • Be aware that each element in your catalog will be judged by the client based on how many items are sold. Resist the temptation to add "artistic" touches that don't add to revenue.



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