Designing for Video

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What do I need to do to design good video?

Designing for Video

Designing for video presents some interesting challenges to those accustomed to graphic design jobs for print or Web.

First, you need to think motion. Even backgrounds often have either gentle movement or designs that suggest movement. Graphics conveying complex ideas will be more valuable if they move.

Second, you have a relatively small, low-resolution environment to work with. Stick to one design idea per scene or graphic -- too much information will not be processed by the viewer.

Video designers also need to be aware of the color limitations of standard video. Adobe Photoshop has an NTSC filter that will bring your colors into line with the ones that are safe to use onscreen.

Also be aware of the "title safe" areas, which make up just 80% of the television screen. If you try to use every pixel of space, you'll create visuals that can't be seen on all TVs. Leave a margin to be sure.



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