Graphic Design Partnerships

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Should I get a partner for my graphic design business?

Graphic Design Partnerships

Maybe you're great at print design, and your friend rocks Web site design. Perhaps you like to focus on producing creative work, and you know someone who excels at running a business and prospecting for clients. Or you enjoy drawing comic books and you fall madly in love with someone who happens to be great at lettering. Any way it happens, such coincidences may look like the beginning of a beautiful business partnership.

Experienced freelance graphic design professionals urge moving slowly. A business partnership, especially in a creative field, can be remarkably like a marriage -- for good or ill -- and it's worth taking a lot of time to make sure you have the right partner.

Try doing two or three small projects with the other person to see what happens. Pay attention to whether your skills really complement one another; how trustworthy and reliable the other person is; and how you both deal with deadlines and other stressful situations.

In no situation should you turn over the management of the money side of your business completely to another person. Even if it bores you to tears, this is your livelihood. Insist on remaining involved and informed.



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