Contracting With Suppliers

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What if I need help to get a freelance job done?

Contracting With Suppliers

As your freelance graphic design practice grows, you may find yourself with more work than you can manage. Instead of turning down jobs, one option may be to contract parts of your workload out to another designer, or to a specialist in a field you don't know as well, such as Web coding or copywriting.

In these situations, you are the employer, and you need a contract between you and your supplier (the other creative person) that specifies work to be done, deadlines, and payments.

Because you are in the middle, you are in a position of responsibility in two directions. You owe your supplier his or her fee even if the client doesn't pay. And you owe the work to the client even if your supplier flakes out on you.

You also shouldn't lie to the client. Let them know that you have a skilled person who "works with" you on projects of this kind, and that you won't be doing all the work yourself but will take responsibility for its being of the highest quality.



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