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What is proofing?


Printers provide proofs on paper (sometimes called "bluelines") or in digital form. Your job as a proofer is to look at both the details and the big picture. Don't make needless changes -- at this stage, any change can cost money. Here are some of the questions you can ask as you proof a document:

  • Is all the copy there? Is it where it's supposed to be?
  • Are the pages in the right order?
  • Are all graphics and photos in place?
  • Are there any blemishes or dust spots in the proof? Note them -- they may be minor, but they may reflect flaws in the film from which the final piece will be produced.
  • This isn't the time for minor rewrites, but by all means note and fix any major text flaws -- misspellings in headlines, that kind of thing.



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