Effective Web Advertising

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My client wants me to design ads for the Web. What works?

Effective Web Advertising

Part of many freelance Web design jobs is creating effective Web ads for your client's site. Here are some tips for doing this well:

  • Know the standard Web ad sizes, particularly those accepted by the sites where the client advertises. Besides the banner (468x60 pixels), standard sizes include buttons, leaderboards (supersized banners), skyscrapers (vertical ads), and rectangles (often inserted into text).
  • Your ad won't keep a user's attention for long. Target it carefully so that it is more likely to capture the eye of someone who's at that site looking for information. For instance, your ads for wool socks might say "great for hunting" on an outdoors site, and "keep Mom's feet warm" on a parenting site.
  • Promise a benefit from clicking on the ad, whether it's a special promotion or simply a benefit of the product being sold.
  • Be specific about who is advertising and what is being advertised. Users won't click if they don't trust what's on the other end.



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