Contracts and Freelancing

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What should be in a freelance design contract?

Contracts and Freelancing

An experienced freelance designer may have a standard contract for you, but if you hire a lot of freelancers, your organization will want to have its own contract available. This should be gone over by your organization's lawyer before you ask anyone to sign it.

The contract should include answers to these questions:

  • What is the specific work being assigned?
  • What is the deadline for that work?
  • What is the payment schedule for the project?
  • Who will own the copyright to the completed work?
Other issues you may want to address in the contract:
  • Ask the freelancer to warrant that the work is free of plagiarism and copyright violations, and to take responsibility for any claims that may arise.
  • Bind the freelancer to confidentiality regarding your organization's plans, strategies, customer lists, etc.



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