Communicating with Freelancers

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How often should I check in with a freelancer?

Communicating with Freelancers

A good freelancer will ask at the beginning of your relationship about how you prefer to keep in communication, what kind of updates you want on progress, and who she should contact in case questions or problems arise on the project.

If the freelancer doesn't ask, provide this information anyway. Good communication is key to the success of a freelancer relationship. This is especially true if you're working at a distance and can't see each other in person.

If the freelancer's project is important to your organization -- and it must be, or why are you paying for someone to do it? -- then it's worth taking the time to check in and ask "How's it going?" every week or so. You may also be able to provide information that helps the freelancer do the job to meet your precise needs.



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