Considering Custom Web Development

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Should I have my website custom developed?

Considering Custom Web Development

If you have a unique business, hiring a custom Web developer to create your site is a great idea. Hiring a Web developer means the specific needs of your company will be met.

Your company's strengths and unique qualities will be showcased by a talented Web developer. With so many businesses vying for the public's attention on the Internet, the added boost of one-on-one development could make the difference between flagging down new business or not.



4/8/2007 5:21:13 AM
John Puddfoot said:

Absolutely right! Retail is a great example. Many people shop for the experience as much as final product. What makes someone selling in one store more appealing than someone selling the same thing elsewhere?

A custom built website will help a business to communicate it's message with it's audience - rather than being a 'generic' company which blurs into the mass with everyone else!

If you want to make a mark online you need something with character - that's something an off -the-shelf website won't deliver. Off the shelf will always be cheaper to implement, but if you're implementing a website, you shouldn't be thinking about how much it's going to cost without considering the potential returns.

John P


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