Your Copywriting Portfolio

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What needs to be in my portfolio as a copywriter?

Your Copywriting Portfolio

If you haven't revisited your freelance copywriting portfolio in a while, or if you're compiling one for the first time, keep in mind these principles:

  • Your portfolio should work like a good piece of copywriting. Your product is your own skills and what they can do for a client. Your target market is people who have copywriting jobs to offer -- agencies, publishers, marketing people.
  • Keep it short and effective -- no more than 10 or 12 printed pages, with no more than two examples per page.
  • Make it available for browsing on your Web site, or for downloading and printing as a PDF.
  • Whenever possible, use real ads you've written instead of fake or spec pieces.
  • When choosing your best work, lean toward more mainstream pieces -- unless you're targeting a specific industry and want to demonstrate expertise within their niche.
  • Demonstrate that you can integrate great writing with visual elements.
  • Show that you're capable of thinking on larger scales, with examples from campaigns instead of just single pieces.
  • Demonstrate an ability to write for a variety of target markets, with strong appeals to each.



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