Types of Graphic Design Openings

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What kinds of jobs are there in graphic design?

Types of Graphic Design Openings

Artworkers (also called Mac operators or graphic artists) are skilled in the craft of taking a design and setting it up for the best results in print. While the terminology can be confusing, these jobs are not essentially creative. While they often require specialized knowledge of print technology, they tend to be lower-ranking jobs in a design organization.

Graphic designers or junior designers have some creative responsibilities, but also wind up supporting senior designers and art directors. When a senior designer has a logo and needs to make different versions for Web, print, business cards and trade show displays, a junior designer may do the actual work.

Senior designers do more problem-solving, taking on some client responsibilities, but still keep their hands in the nitty-gritty of design work. Art directors often don't do as much of the actual designing, instead working with clients, creative directors and copywriters to come up with concepts. Creative directors form the bridge between words, design, and the client's needs.

A good graphic design agency will accurately assess your skills, recommend or even provide training to improve them, and connect you with jobs that are at your level.



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