Creative Directors: Leading A Team

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What are some tips for leading a team as a creative director?

Creative Directors: Leading A Team

Creative director work is extremely stressful—you are responsible for bringing projects together as well as setting the direction and tone for them. In order to do this well, you'll be relying on a team of people underneath you to perform to the best of their ability. How can you do your best to motivate these people? Here are some good tips for keeping your creative team on track:

  • Provide specific feedback. People need feedback in order to improve. Try to be specific and non-judgmental when you speak with art directors or copywriters about things they could be doing better.
  • Accentuate the positive. Be sure that you aren't only communicating the things that your team can do better. People perform well when you notice the good work that they do and comment on it.
  • Listen. If you truly listen to those working for you, it can be beneficial to everyone involved. Sometimes the best ideas come from people who are brand new, so keep an open mind.
  • Be clear. The better you communicate your expectations to the people you work with; the more likely they will be able to execute your projects.



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