Art Director: Creative Or Practical?

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Do you have to be creative or practical in order to be an art director?

Art Director: Creative Or Practical?

People think of art directors as the creatives who bring concepts to life through imagery. While this is true, they must also be able to do things that are not as "right-brain" oriented. For art directors, jobs change depending on the task at hand. They often have to manage people such as layout artists, designers and copywriters, which requires attention to detail. It also means that art directors must have good communication skills. Generally speaking, the higher the art director's position, the more people she will be in charge of managing.

Many art directors will also handle meeting with clients and creating presentations for them to review as a project moves toward completion. Again, this requires organizational and people skills. A good art director can easily switch between being creative and practical, depending on what is required at any given time. Although this position isn't for everyone, those who thrive on a fast-paced environment with new challenges will do well.



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