The Web: Your Professional Presence

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As a creative, what should I know about representing myself on the Web?

The Web: Your Professional Presence

If you are a freelance creative director or art director, you'll want to have a presence on the Web. Whether this is a blog, portfolio or traditional website is up to you, but there are some things to consider before you show this site to the world. Keep the following points in mind as you put things together:

  • Be clear. Make sure that you are communicating what you do with your readers. Specifics are good, and examples are desirable.
  • Be creative. It can be difficult to be clear and creative, but you really need both to shine on the web. Someone looking for a freelancer to do a creative project will expect to see a little bit of what you can do on your site.
  • Be connected. Don't rely only on your website to get the word out. Link your main site up with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts so that you are funneling as much traffic as possible to your main page. Put a link to your website in the signature block of your e-mails. Have it on your business cards and use it on forums if it is within the guidelines. Give people every opportunity to find you.



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