Social Media Directors

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What does a social media director do?

Social Media Directors

These days, social media is an important part of any marketing campaign. Companies are utilizing the broad reach of sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get the word out about their products and services. Many corporations have at least a basic presence on LinkedIn for networking purposes and to raise their brand awareness. Managing all of these sites and accounts can be a lot of work, so positions have opened up for marketing professionals who have social media experience.

Social media directors handle this type of work for corporations, and many times the position is in the form of a freelance contract. These professionals are responsible for doing things such as "tweeting" and increasing connections with other people and companies on the Web. Sometimes this type of work is handled along with a traditional marketing campaign, but other times it's created and implemented on its own. Companies may even hire a part-time social media consultant specifically to handle their Web marketing needs.



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