Photoshop Help

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How can I learn more about Photoshop?

Photoshop Help

If you are looking to become one of the freelance designers that work with digital images, you will need to know Photoshop inside and out. There are many different ways to dig into all of the features. Here are a few suggestions for learning more about all this great program has to offer:

  • Practice/play. When you have a chance, try playing around with various features and see what they do. Much can be learned from just practicing.
  • Take a class. To learn more advanced features you will need to take more than a basic class at your local community college. Check out local colleges and universities and see what they offer at a higher level.
  • Get tutored. If you have a colleague or friend that is good with the program, see if they would be willing to tutor you. If you can tutor them on another program, it can be a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Check out a book on Photoshop. There are many Photoshop books on the market, and they exist for those at all different levels. See if you can find one that will stretch your knowledge.
  • Try out a Webinar or tutorial. There are Webinars and online tutorials for all kinds of different Photoshop techniques. Here is a good place to get started:
Honing your Photoshop skills can help you get graphic design jobs and make you more marketable as a freelancer. Try to advance your training and it will pay off in the long run.



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