What's in the Portfolios of Talented Graphic Designers

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How do I know what talents good freelance graphic designers should have?

What's in the Portfolios of Talented Graphic Designers

While anyone with a computer and a working knowledge of Quark or Photoshop could call himself a graphic designer, truly talented freelance graphic designers have portfolios to back up their experiences. Confused about what skills they should possess? Use the following guide:

  • A beginning graphic designer should have, at minimum, comps and art-school drawings. Ideally he or she should also have black & white or 2-color printed flyers, postcards, or mailers.
  • Second-tier graphic designers should have originally designed logos in their portfolios as well as the things a beginner should have.
  • More experienced designers will have various bindings, die-cuts, varnishes, inserts, and possibly complex packaging designs on top of all of the things listed above.
  • The top-level designers have usually worked for Fortune 500 clients or perhaps has launched the style for major brand products, so their portfolio should reflect this.



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