Client Communication

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Should I bother the client while I'm working on a job?

Client Communication

A great many issues between graphic designers and clients might be prevented by establishing better communication at the beginning of the process.

After choosing someone to do freelance design work, a client should expect to spend some time communicating the purpose and image of the organization, the market for its products, and the specific mission of the project being assigned.

The designer should ask questions, take all this information in and incorporate it into whatever final work is produced. If the client asks, "Why did you do it that way?" the answer should refer back to the data gathered during the initial discussions.

While some designers prefer to create their work on their own, the most successful designs are often those that are created with ongoing communication between client and designer. For this reason, some Web developers create two development servers, one for creating products and the other as a demonstration site to show the client the current stage of the work.



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