Art Director vs. Creative Director

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What is the difference between an Art Director and a Creative Director?

Art Director vs. Creative Director

As you search through resources for freelance art director jobs, you will notice jobs posted for art directors and creative directors. What's the difference, you ask? There is none.

At the upper levels of the field, both positions require creative conceptualization. Each must assess a client's plans and goals in a diplomatic way. Because new campaigns will need to be pitched effectively, exceptional presentation skills are required for both positions. Therefore, the only real difference between the two jobs is the actual job title itself.



7/15/2011 9:47:58 PM
Paula said:

I could not think of a difference, myself--and yet, when I do comparative salary searches, Art directors seem to make much more ($55-70K) than Creative Directors ($32 - 53K) which I don't understand at all, since the job descriptions are the same!


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