Brand Disconnect

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What is "brand disconnect"?

Brand Disconnect

"Brand disconnect" is a classic marketing error that occurs when a creative marketing team implements an image for a product, but the rest of the company is not trained or encouraged to support that image. For instance, let's say an electronics company hires a freelance brand manager to market its new digital camera. The brand manager finds out that the target market for this product has a strong desire to buy from companies with excellent service.

The brand manager can change the advertising, promotions, packaging and in-store displays to convey that image effectively. However, if the company doesn't actually provide good service, all the marketing work will do little good, wasting the company's money and everyone's time.

To avoid brand disconnect, it's important for creative marketing professionals to work closely with executives and line managers company-wide. This may involve developing internal messaging and training programs as part of a brand introduction or revision.



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