Know Your Clients

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How can I find organizations that might hire me?

Know Your Clients

Good research skills are a useful part of a copy editor's arsenal -- starting with the first pitch to a potential client. Don't just send your resume to the HR director. Find out who is in charge of hiring freelancers and make sure you pitch that person directly.

Use your past experiences to target your pitches. If you've edited your church newsletter and the assistant pastor's resume, try building on that experience to see if your denomination, your local seminary, or a religious press might need your services.

Before you pitch a potential client, do whatever you can to get hold of samples of previous work the organization has published. The Internet is probably the easiest place to start -- don't neglect the organization's own Web site! You may need to make a trip to a public library, bookstore, or academic library to see samples in person. Use what you learn to better market your experience and skills to the organization's needs.



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