Search Engine Optimization

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What do I need to know about Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

One useful skill for a freelance writer is the ability to write copy that helps your site rise in search engine rankings. This requires learning something about search engine optimization (SEO), a specialized skill that is constantly changing as search engines refine their algorithms.

The basic skill for this kind of writing is incorporating keywords or key phrases into your content. These phrases are statistically common among Web searches, so including them in your copy will make your articles more "findable" online.

It's not enough to just throw those phrases in, though. Your copy has to be informative and engaging, to keep people at your site once they've found you. So you need to include those phrases gracefully, as part of a well-written piece. Can you tell what the keywords were for this tip? If you can't, then I've done a good job as a content writer.



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