Copywriting and Blogging

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What is an example of Web copy that a freelancer may be asked to write?

Copywriting and Blogging

At first, it may seem that copywriting and blogging don't have much in common, but there's actually a fairly strong link between the two. Blogs have increased in popularity over the years, creating a need for writers who understand how to write good copy and who have some knowledge of how to write for the web. Because it has become so important for companies and professionals to have blogs, there has been an increase in freelance copywriting jobs just for blog writing.

These days, there are blogs that feature products, but there are also others that simply provide information about a company or service. They're typically written in a conversational tone and certain words are "tagged" to create more visibility for the content on the web. The ability to create interesting titles and write clear, engaging copy is paramount for those who blog, making it a skill that most copywriters should take to quite easily.



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