Finding Web Design Clients

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How can I find clients if I am going to do freelance Web design work?

Finding Web Design Clients

If you're looking for a career in freelance web design, you'll need to create a plan for finding clients. Unlike working for a company where you're given projects to work on, freelancing will require you to go out and find your own clients.

You can do this in several different ways:

  • Cold call. Calling or emailing to seek out business is one way to look for clients. This is time-consuming, but it can pay off.
  • Network. Joining a local chamber of commerce or getting involved in industry groups can help raise your visibility as a freelance designer. The more people you meet, the bigger the net you cast.
  • Referrals. Ask current (or former) clients to keep you in mind for referrals. You can even offer them a discount if they land you any new business.
  • Join a talent agency. A good talent agency will help find you work--and usually at a nice rate. It doesn't hurt to align yourself with people who are out there looking to get you jobs.
  • Advertise. Advertising has been around for a long time, and it can help you connect with clients. Try to place any ads in well-thought-out spots, such as the local paper or the church bulletin if you're on a tight budget.



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